Elys Game Technology Rebrands In North America

Gaming and sports betting tech company Elys Game Technology announced the launch of its Elys America logo and platform. In its Wednesday press release, the company said the novelty is part of its continuing brand advancement in North America.

Elys operates in multiple countries around the world, with operations in several US gambling markets, including Ohio and New Mexico.

Rebranding in North America to differentiate Elys’ operations from Europe

Apart from announcing a “unique logo” to differentiate North America facing operations from its Newgioco origins in Europe, the company says it is launching:

  • A new brand identity
  • Corporate website
  • Color schemes
  • Typography expressing the development of its retail and online sports betting platforms in North America.

Michele Ciavarella, Executive Chairman of Elys Game Technology, said in a Globe Newswire press release:

“To boost our new Elys America brand forward, we created this new identity to emphasize disciplines that are central to our operations and symbolize trust, stability, and positive progression wrapped in a diverse range of advanced betting technology and products while maintaining parallels with our original corporate culture.”

In developing our new platform, we first observed what sports bettors in developing US and Canadian markets are demanding and tracked how competitive sportsbooks reacted to such demands and to peer movements.”

Ciavarella also said Elys development teams focused on two functions:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reporting capability and cybersecurity to arrive at a compliant tech stack offering a luxury customer experience

The new Elys five-dimensional “ELYS 5D” iGaming ecosystem integrates the services in the functional areas:

  1. Customer acquisition
  2. Cybersecurity, KYC, AML and multifunctional payment convenience
  3. Trading, risk management and compliance
  4. Advanced market events and odds
  5. Customer service

Subject to licensing and regulatory approval, Elys expects to announce operating brands and player websites in the US soon.

Elys launched sportsbook partnership with Santa Claran Casino Resort, NM

On Wednesday, Elys announced the opening of the sportsbook at Santa Claran Casino Resort. It is located at 460 N Riverside Dr, in Española, New Mexico.

The Santa Claran sportsbook features a wide range of sports betting options, including bets on multiple sports like:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • College Football
  • Basketball

The selection is available through self-service kiosks and in-person ticket counters throughout the Sportsbook Bar and Grill.

Apart from a 27,000-square-foot gaming entertainment facility, the gaming resort features a 122-guest room hotel.

Elys opens sports betting kiosks around Ohio

Elys received certification for self-service betting terminal operation from the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) in February.

The company received Gaming Labs International (GLI) certification obtaining GLI-33 and GLI-20 for operational deployment in Ohio.

Before that, Elys received conditional Type C sports gaming proprietor licensure from the OCCC in November to start operations in Ohio as of Jan. 1, 2023.

In the meantime, Elys secured over 100 host locations for its retail sportsbook in Ohio, partnering with small local businesses.

Betsafe Expands to Kenya

With an established presence in more than 20 countries, Betsafe has finally made their sports betting experience available in Africa. The step was made through their Kenyan subsidiary; bet High Kenya LTD.

Betsafe has proven its dedication to football through its three-year-long sponsorship agreement with Kenya’s top-tier football clubs, Gor Mahia FC and AFC Leopards. This deal enabled them to touch base with Kenya’s most passionate football fans, to whom they will be able to provide their well-known range of betting experience. 

Alex Kobia, Acting Managing Director of BetHigh Ltd. puts emphasis on the fact that this launch is not only to provide the best possible sports betting experience, but to also serve as the industry standard for safe and responsible gaming.

Given that they are entering the market at such a crucial time for the Keynan Government and its new regulations for the industry, Betsafe is aware of the importance of safe betting. In light of the fresh efforts made with the help of the Betting Control and Licensing Board, Betsafe noted that they “will strictly adhere and fully support the Regulator in its objective of ensuring responsible gaming.”

A Unique Product Launch backed up by the two top-tier football clubs

Having that end goal in mind of providing the best service in the country, they have worked hard to tailor their product to the Kenyan market and their future users. Considering relatively low smartphone penetration in Kenya, most bettors still use basic phones, where SMS betting remains a popular and convenient way for placing bets. This is why Betsafe Kenya enables customers to place bets via SMS without the need for a gameID. The wager and stake can be set by simply texting #23333, and can be cancelled within a certain timeframe should the bettor change their mind. 

Fast payouts are a critical feature for both Betsafe and their customers, which is why they will do everything they can to ensure this is something that their customers can always count on.

Looking forward, in the span of a few months, they also aim to introduce and release several other new features, such as jackpots.  

In addition to providing Kenyans with the unique experience of online betting, the operator of Bet High Kenya Ltd. stated for CH that they plan to hire 150 employees during the upcoming 24-month period.

Alex Kobia’s final say on the launch was, “In essence, our ambition is to deliver a trustworthy product with safe and quick pay-outs, innovative betting services, passion, and commitment to Kenyan football, responsible gaming, and outstanding customer support.”

Chili Eruption Thundershots Game Review

For a simple yet spicy casino slots experience, this title could certainly be one to consider. As the name suggests, the Chili Eruption Thundershots slot revolves around red and green chillis, with a total of three bonus modes being linked to these icons. The board itself sits in the middle of a desert, and a handful of cacti can be seen on either side. Chili Eruption Thundershots comes with a total of 5 reels, 20 paylines, and a minimum stake size of 0.10 per play!

Chili Eruption Thundershots 1

This title was created by Playtech, a titan in the realm of online slots. In the past, they have released a huge variety of different games, such as Sahara Riches: Cash Collect, Full Moon Wild Track, and Flaming Bars. Playtech titles tend to come optimised for mobile devices, which also applies to their range of table games.

Featured Symbols

Chili Eruption Thundershots 3

The standard symbols in Chili Eruption Thundershots consist of the J, Q, K, and A symbols that can be found in many online slots UK. Premium symbols are shown as a pair of maracas, a guitar, a sombrero, a skull, and a pinata. These can award players with up to 4x, 4x, 5x, 10x, or 15x, their stake size, respectively, should five land along the same payline. 

Wild symbols are also present, displayed as a bottle of hot sauce, or a splatter icon during one of the bonus rounds. Of course, wilds can replace any standard or premium symbol as part of a combination. There are also two different scatter icons, shown as red and green chillis, which are responsible for triggering the bonus modes in this title. 

Bonuses and Jackpots

Chili Eruption Thundershots 5

The first bonus mode in Chili Eruption Thundershots is the regular free spins mode, which can be triggered if three chilli scatter symbols appear anywhere in view. Before the round starts, each chilli will reveal an additional number of free spins or a win multiplier, with the maximum sitting at 12 and 8x, respectively. If any other chillis land during the round, they can add more spins or increase the win multiplier, too! 

Now, during the base game, whenever a chilli symbol lands, it will be added to a pot at the top of the board. This can randomly become full, at which point either ‘Saucy Super Spins or the ‘Thundershots’ feature will trigger. If players are awarded with ‘Saucy Super Spins’, the pot will tip over, causing chillis and wild symbols to randomly be added across the reels. This is repeated at the start of each spin, and again, chillis can award extra spins or increase the potential win multiplier for the round. 

Finally, there is the Thundershots bonus, where players will be taken to a wheel featuring an assortment of different potential winnings. These include fixed values, free spins, and ‘Saucy Super Spins’. The wheel will be spun five times, with the outcome of each spin being totalled up and awarded at the end of the round. If players land on any bonus rounds, these will begin immediately after the fifth Thundershots spin has been finalised. 

Play Chili Eruption Thundershots at bwin

In conclusion, Chili Eruption Thundershots lives up to the spicey theme with the inclusion of three interesting bonuses. Two of these are made up of free spin modes, while the other grants the player a total of five spins on a wheel featuring various potential winnings!  

Is Chili Eruption Thundershots available to play at bwin?

Yes, Chili Eruption Thundershots and many other popular video slots can be found at bwin.

Which company created the Chili Eruption Thundershots slot?

Chili Eruption Thundershots was produced by Playtech.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in Chili Eruption Thundershots?

Like in many slots online, landing three scatter icons simultaneously will trigger the free spins bonus in Chili Eruption Thundershots.

Harness Weekly Update: Skor dua digit meningkatkan profit

Itu Harness TwinSpires Pembaruan Blog Mingguan mencakup keberhasilan dan kegagalan kami dari fitur yang dipilih dan H2W (daftar kuda-untuk-tonton). Kuda H2W hingga Senin berikutnya muncul di hasil Pembaruan berikutnya.

Kamis, 20 Juli

Trio pesaing Mohawk Miles kami berhasil. Finishing kedua adalah Pukul Jam ($5,40, $2,90; Persis $19,00) dan Gila ($5,80, $3,60). Pergilah bersenang-senang ($2,60) adalah yang ketiga.

Jumat, 21 Juli

Kemenangan terbaik untuk keturunan New Jersey berusia dua tahun adalah pilihan utama kami. Bukit Mars ($17,00, $7,20, $4,20) menang. Tuan Grant (13-1) tidak membantu eksotik, finis di urutan keenam.

Sabtu, 22 Juli

Di Saratoga, kami memakukan kedua taruhan negara bagian, pertama dengan Huntingforchrome ($5,50, $2,50, $2,10) dan kemudian dengan permainan harga, Darius ($15,80, $3,30, $2,20).

Tembakan 27-1 membuat kami terjepit di Gerrity Memorial, membuat kami berada di urutan kedua Seniman tato ($2,50, $2,10) dan kecewa dengan Jembatan Tertutup (3-1) finis kelima.


Minggu ini, ada 45 kuda H2W aktif (tingkat kemenangan 13% dan tingkat hit keseluruhan 42%).

akurat tercantum dalam hasil H2W mencerminkan kuda H2W yang finis kedua dari favorit balapan, atau jika dua finis pertama ada dalam daftar, saat tanda bintang muncul untuk eksak dingin. Catatan “OK” menentukan harga sudah benar ketika harga pertunjukan melebihi tempat harga, atau ketiga harga identik.


On The Take, $28,40, $5,80, $2,90, Monticello
Spektakuler Plus, $26,20, $6,60, $3,20, Saratoga
Rocks Stormyd, $18,80, $5,60, $4,80, Northville
Penguasaan, $9,80, $4,40, $2,60, Vernon
Navagio N, $3,00, $2,40, $2,60 Oke, Northfield
Party Cruiser, $2,80, $2,20, $2,10, Northfield


Sungguh Pesolek, $25,80, $9,60, Scioto
Moni asing, $21,00, $8,90, Vernon
Pine Master, $7,00, $5,00, Scioto
Pats Way, $5,90, $3,30 (Tepatnya $23,60), Saratoga
Caviar’s Yankee, $4,90, $2,70 (Tepatnya $6,40), Tioga
Beyond The Moon, $4,20, $3,00, Ocean
Tante Rita, $3,40, $2,60, Meadows


Beberapa Sikap, $6,40, Plainridge
Das Deo, $4,20, Samudra
Vali Hanover, $3,60, Yonkers
Brooklyn Moonshine, $3,00, Running Aces
Swanky Hanover, $2,40, Philly
Racine Bell, $2,10, Saratoga


Itu Kendi Coklat Kecil pejabat mengumumkan sebuah “dompet yang diharapkan” sebesar $ 1 juta untuk acara 2023 pada hari Kamis, 21 September. Merupakan kejutan bagi petaruh mana pun yang mengikuti “Kecepatan Amerika Hebat”, karena telah menurun selama dekade terakhir. Dikatakan sumber dukungan baru adalah Negara Bagian Ohio, Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association, dan badan legislatif negara bagian. Eliminasi masing-masing seharga $50k; keseimbangan masuk ke panas kedua. Rekor dompet Jug sebelumnya adalah $677rb pada tahun 2015.

Musim harness 2023 di Oak Grove Racing mengalami peningkatan dalam pegangan taruhan, memicu optimisme di antara para pemain dan peserta untuk masa depan olahraga di Kentucky. Musim 30 hari secara keseluruhan menunjukkan peningkatan 103%. Pegangan harian rata-rata adalah $233k, naik 82 persen, dan melebihi pegangan satu hari tertinggi tahun 2022 sebesar $229k. Lebih dari $ 6,3 juta dompet dicairkan melalui pertemuan tersebut.

Kita 10 pesaing Hambletonian Trail teratas ikuti (peluang terakhir akan menentukan taruhan kemenangan kami):

  1. Menjalin kedekatan
  2. Baiklah
  3. Kekuatan Udara
  4. Taruhan Pemenang
  5. Kierkegaard K
  6. Tingkatkan Deo Anda
  7. Ari Ferarri J
  8. Kilmister
  9. Selebriti Bambino
  10. Anggur Perancis

Ekstra luar biasa

Manjakan diri di kolom bulanan baru kami, Antara kitapada Pembaruan Harness Racing.