California Psychics [2023 Review] LEGIT or SCAM?

California Psychics was established as a company that provides access to a network of more than 300 psychics. Reading tarot cards, clairvoyance, dream interpretation, mediumship, empaths, and other psychic abilities are just some of the options that are out there. In addition to having one of the most stringent psychic screening procedures, California Psychics accepts only two out of every one hundred psychics who apply to work for the company.

Since its founding in 1995, California Psychics has been offering clients readings that are both high-quality and spot-on throughout its whole history in the psychic services industry.

The site contains many highly skilled psychics that have performed a broad range of psychic readings, which is why the reviews of California Psychic that can be found online are so effusive in their praise. The psychic readers on this website are committed to meeting the needs of all the site’s customers and users, which is the most important aspect.

Most people avoid websites offering online psychic readings because they are wary of believing them. On the other hand, California Psychics have defied that trend, as seen by their lengthy tenure in the field. Additionally, California Psychics’ extensive vetting procedure for psychics guarantees that every psychic reading they provide is genuine and accurate.

Since entering the field more than two decades ago, California Psychics has built a strong reputation. As a result, millions of individuals from all over the world frequently select them for online reads. Additionally, California Psychics has a secrecy policy so that you can trust them. The information and data of their clients must be kept private and secret by all their psychic readers.

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Why Do We Prefer California Psychics?

California psychic is an excellent source operating in the psychic reading industry since the late 1990s. Since then, it has continuously supplied its customers with readings that are the greatest in their class and of the highest quality. This platform is one in which one may readily put their faith and reliance to receive an accurate and authentic psychic interpretation. Since the very beginning, they have been able to count on the steadfast confidence of their clientele, who have been like a hopeless soul who wanders across a ray of light.

They made it a point to recruit only the most gifted psychics possible so that California Psychics could continue to uphold its exemplary reputation. To guarantee the highest possible degree of precision, every application based on prospective readings undergoes a stringent screening process before making it available to customers.

In the same vein as most businesses that do online psychic readings, California Psychics goes above and beyond to ensure that each of its customers, whether regulars or first-timers, has a positive experience.

California Psychics has been in business for a long time, it should not be surprising that the company employs numerous highly regarded psychics. These psychics each have unique abilities and methods, such as tarot card readings and crystal ball gazing, which they use to assist their customers.

Because there are so many kinds of diviners available, users have been able to put their faith in the portal. If the initial diviner you go to for psychic readings does not work out, it is easy to find another one to consult with. The expert team at California Psychics makes it a point to double-check that the interpretations provided by their specialists are the most reliable and accurate ones that any customer could acquire.

The administrators of this service, which allows consumers to communicate with psychics over the internet, go to great pains to ensure that clients can repeatedly visit their favorite diviners without worrying too much about making a significant monetary commitment. The site’s principles on fair prices ensure this will always be true.

Because it is open around the clock, California Psychics allows you to make that connection and take that time for yourself whenever it is most convenient.

Due to the service’s online nature, you may schedule a reading from the comfort of your home, whether in your PJs on the couch or in your backyard on your favorite chair.

There is a large pool of psychic advisors from which to choose, allowing you to compare rates and locate one that fits your needs in terms of experience, specialization, and personality.

Are There Any Special Offers at California Psychics?

Every psychic at California psychics has a special rate of service fees. You can use the information provided on the reader’s profiles to help determine whether you would like to give them a shot. On the other hand, new clients are eligible for the most enticing of California Psychic’s exclusive incentives.

The first time a consumer makes a psychic choice, they are eligible for a discount of seventy-five percent off. You can also have a reading that lasts ten minutes for just one dollar if this is your first time using the services. A California psychic’s discount code, in addition to these one-of-a-kind bargains, is easily accessible online and can be utilized to save even more money on readings.

In addition, the Karma rewards program is available to you to participate in. You can make purchases through Reading, earn points that can be redeemed for prizes, and take advantage of quarterly cash rebates. Returning customers are eligible for a special discount that can be obtained using the California Psychics discount code. However, one thing to remember is that specific online discount codes are only valid for first-time customers and are only available for a short time.

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What is so Special About California Psychics?

Even though the website offers online psychic readings for a wide variety of concerns, what truly differentiates this company from its rivals is the depth of understanding and sense of fulfillment offered by its spiritual psychic readers. In addition to having some of the best online psychics, California Psychics is well-known for its unwavering commitment to being selective in the partnerships and affiliations that it chooses to pursue.

This is one of the reasons why the company has become so successful. A battery of exams must be completed by every psychic, regardless of their position, to validate their talents. Since they are so strict with their exam criteria, only two out of every one hundred, meaning only about 2% of psychics who apply, are picked to move on to the next phase.

One way California Psychics maintains its consumers’ privacy and safety while using the website is by integrating reliable cybersecurity measures. In addition to making providing authentic and accurate readings its top priority, the platform has also been working to tighten its security measures and methods to recruit readers.

Browse 100s of handpicked, verified psychic advisors on California Psychics

Psychics who have received sufficient training must maintain their client’s information confidentiality. Their phone psychics are unable to read your thoughts when they call you. You will not be compelled to engage in any behavior you have not consciously decided to engage in. When you confidently tell them something, they won’t share it with anybody else. The organization’s goal is to provide its customers with access to the most up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information available always.

You can find endorsements and comments about California Psychics all over the internet, including on their website, and most of them are positive. Customers are satisfied with the services offered to them, and they often supply extensive and in-depth feedback regarding the degree to which they appreciate dealing with the call psychics they use.

When new users make their own choice of psychic, they can benefit from the experience garnered by those who have come before them by reading these reviews and considering the advice of former clients. The excellent experiences that consumers have had, which are then expressed in evaluations such as those displayed on California Psychics, demonstrate the firm’s reliability.

Every customer at California Psychics is ensured to receive a good reading as part of the company’s mission to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, signing up for the website is lightning-fast and incredibly straightforward, and navigating the website is a piece of cake.

How to Connect with California psychics?

There is no need to figure out a ton of stuff to get the registration process going. Signing up requires your Facebook credentials or a manual entry of your name, email address, and birthdate. If you’d like a free daily horoscope from California Psychics, we’ll need to know your date of birth.

You’ll need to give them your credit card details and phone number before you’re let in. Not to worry! Any money in your account that isn’t used won’t go to squander. Now is the time to input the California Psychics promo code you were given. Please verify that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding with the registration.

Look through the list to select a consultant who can help you without breaking the bank. Find experts by their name, tools, fields of expertise, or even the skill sets they possess. To learn more about the methods used and the discounts currently being offered, check out the profiles of the specialists.

You’ll only have to pay $1 for each subsequent minute when you start a session. This is a great chance to see how everything in the system works together in practice.

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Furthermore, the California Psychics app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You might get a lot out of the free blog articles and other cool perks in addition to the readings provided; the app also provides features like Personalized Horoscopes and Zodiac Compatibility. The California Physics app makes it easy to find a qualified expert quickly. It’s easy to scan the available experts and zero in on the one who can best serve your needs.

You can have readings with your spiritual counselors either over the phone or via chat.

If you have any inquiries, you may discover answers to them quickly by using the Help Center on their website. You can obtain the information you require at the very moment. It is recommended that you visit their help center page and choose a subject that is pertinent to your question.

Please use their contact form if you are still looking for the information you require. If the data you need differs from where you’d expect it to be, the staff is always available to assist you and respond to any questions. Submit their contact form or give them a call on their toll-free number. They are looking forward to getting in touch with you. Learn more about each Psychic by reading their biographies. Select the green Talk or Chat button once you’ve located the correct Psychic.

Once you’ve successfully registered, your call or conversation will automatically sync to the mobile phone number listed in your account as soon as you finish your transaction. If your call or chat does not get through to the Psychic or if the Psychic is otherwise unavailable, you can either join the Psychic’s queue to be contacted when they become available or select another Psychic who is not now in use. The Psychic will get back to you in less than a day if you leave a message.

Best Services by California Psychics!

Tarot Reading: Tarot readers utilize a special deck of cards known as a Tarot deck for their psychic readings. They look to them for information about the past, present, and future. They may deduce their consumers’ wants based on the spread. If a psychic reader who works with cards is good enough, they may also get wide readings from the spiritual realm.

Channelers: Online psychics, known as channelers, make it possible for spiritual entities to possess them in some sense and use them as a conduit to communicate with the customers’ loved ones. The channelers who can do psychic readings must have a profound spiritual connection with whatever is beyond; otherwise, they will not be able to do so.

Pet Psychics: When a much-loved animal passes away, pet owners often turn to pet psychics for assistance in moving on with their lives. Psychics of this kind assist pet owners in comprehending the sentiments and feelings of their animals. For instance, they can sense why a pet is suddenly acting strangely or not eating. A pet psychic can provide an insightful diagnosis if your vet cannot figure out what is wrong with your animal companion.

Empaths: Empathic psychics have a high level of intuition and can effortlessly pick up on their customers’ feelings when doing an online psychic reading. Because of this, they can deliver a reading that is accurate and meaningful to the person. They are pretty helpful for doing readings on relationships.

What Services do California Psychics Provide?

  •       Love Readings
  •       Mediums
  •       Career Advice
  •       Money Psychics
  •       Past Life Psychics
  •       Contacting Deceased Loved Ones
  •       Astrology Psychics
  •       Crystal Psychics
  •       Dream Analysis Psychics

These are just a few of the services provided by California Psychics.

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What People are Saying About California Psychics

What people have been saying about California Psychics.

Review #1:

“Time and time again, my readings with California Psychics have been spot on. An experienced psychic counselor from California Psychics will point you in the correct direction whether you’re seeking advice for your personal or professional life. What they did for me, along with offering guidance and helping me make good decisions, was invaluable. My favorite feature is being able to schedule an appointment whenever it’s most convenient for me, using their website or mobile app. You can choose the best psychic reader for your needs by narrowing your search according to their area of expertise, their methods, client feedback, etc. Highly recommended!” – Sharon

Review #2:

“My one and only reading was with Gardenia, and while I appreciate that she doesn’t waste time with flowery language, I do sometimes wish that she would elaborate on her answers. Nonetheless, her readings have been spot-on and accurate, and many of her predictions have come true despite my best efforts to ignore them. Even as we’re having a conversation, she’ll make a prediction. Lol! This is true, yes. While I was on the phone with her, my twin flame texted me. She feels a complete and entire connection to him since she occasionally uses his phrases.” – Alyssa

Review #3:

“On the anniversary of the day my soulmate left this world, I went to my first medium reading. Without a doubt, the Universe sent me “Washington” (a precious woman from New Zealand) to be my bridge with my wife. As she told me what Geri wanted me to know about her last moments in my arms, I was overcome with grief and unprepared for the truth of what she was telling me. Even now, I can’t stop the tears from flowing. I’ll be turning 80 in October, and as a gift to myself, I’d want to have this blessing repeated then. You will never be the same after experiencing what a medium can bring into existence.” – Paul

Review #4:

“My husband passed away unexpectedly, and in the wake of his death, I discovered that he had been seeing another woman. Despite my repeated calls, I always reached the same wonderful women with a solid connection; one of them even joked that his visits are like migraines. My questions were always answered, and I felt like they were of great importance. Everyone gushed about my husband’s devotion to me. He used my nickname, which only he and I would know, so I knew it was him. In this, I have no doubts. Thanks to you, I can now put the past behind me and go on with my life. Now that I’m not calling as often, I can relax a lot more. I appreciate all your help so much.” – Mary

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Fan Favorite Psychics from California Psychics

Fan Favorite Psychic #1: Pauline

Pauline recommends taking some time off work to unwind and clear your head. She turns to oracle cards to hone her innate clairvoyance and intuition.

Start by describing your problem or where you feel you need help. Reading people’s intents and emotions via their energy fields is one of her primary areas of expertise.

She has helped many people thanks to her great clairvoyant talent and expertise in matters of the heart and soul.

She prays that the reading would offer you comfort and fortitude. She believes there is a way out of every difficulty, thanks to the guidance of a spiritual counselor who helped her discover her life’s work.

Fan Favorite Psychic #2: Phillip

Phillip has a female spirit guide and has innate intuitive abilities. He starts his readings out blunt but modifies his approach to suit the listener.

If you contact him when you’re feeling down, he’ll help you get back on your feet in no time. He thinks that if you know the path to happiness and strength, you will follow it. He wants to show you the path.

His goal is to help you bring about change as quickly as feasible. Phillip’s years of experience in the field give him a clear perspective on your situation. He thinks he can reveal your life’s direction and purpose as an intuitive spiritual astrologer. He thinks of it as a great honor.

Fan Favorite Psychic #3: Layla

If you want to get in touch with Layla, her Tarot cards are the best way to do so. She first wants to know your name, when you were born, and whether you have a direct inquiry.

She then does a psychic reading by tuning into the vibrations of the environment.

Layla has been a professional reader for almost 13 years, but she has always had a keen sixth sense. The areas of depression, low self-esteem, and grieving the death of a loved one are all within her scope of expertise, as is the healing power of love and spiritual completeness.

Layla knows that one can go in whatever direction one chooses. Ultimately, she wants to assist you in deciding to serve you best in the long run.

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Best Online Psychic Readings Alternatives

1. Kasamba Psychics

For over 20 years, Kasamba’s website has provided outstanding customer care with its industry-leading psychic readings. They are known for hiring only the most qualified psychics for their internet readings, and this reputation is well-deserved. Even if they don’t provide video calls for their readings, you may still get out to them by email, phone, or chat. They do not support video calls, which is a major drawback.

On Kasamba, users receive three free minutes with a new psychic they want to work with in the future. The fact that they’ve satisfied the needs of over 2.5 million clients shows just how high their standards are for online psychic reading. If you’d want to find an alternative to California Psychics, Kasamba is a great choice.

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2. Keen Psychics

These days, Keen Psychics is among the most popular and widely utilized platforms for online psychic readings. Three free minutes are available to new users immediately after registration. The psychics will come back to you through your preferred method of contact be it chatting, calls or emails when the reading is over, and you’ll get a free transcript of the session.

Over the course of their twenty-plus years of experience, the psychics at Keen Psychics have honed their skills to the point that they can confidently and accurately help their customers. They are a terrific alternative for California Psychics, and their charges are significantly fair.

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3. Psychic Source

Customers of Psychic Source have the choice of a money-back guarantee. However, per their rules, you will not get a full repayment. Call the customer support hotline within 24 hours of your reading if you’re not satisfied with the psychic, they connected you with. But you need to call their support line within 24 hours. But if you’re not satisfied with your most recent reading, Psychic Source promises to refund your payment in full.

When a new customer signs up for service, they may get the first 60 minutes for only $1 with any provider. However, Psychic Source does not segment its audience. Each psychic has a 5-star rating next to their profile picture, but there is no way for clients to rapidly choose a psychic with the desired level of experience.

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California Psychics Frequently Asked Questions  

What sets California Psychics apart from other online psychics? 

Along with a diverse selection of psychics, California Psychics also provides customer service around the clock. They offer services that customers of other online psychic reading websites have had difficulty obtaining, such as pet psychics, clairaudients, and clairsentients, as well as psychics who predict the future using tools such as the pendants. These are just a few examples of the unique services that they offer.

A free horoscope reading is provided to each visitor of the California Psychics website. This is something that most people like reading about while they are browsing the website’s main page. People who visit the website are encouraged to interact with one another via the daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes made available there. These horoscopes also give fascinating insights into people’s lives.

What to expect from your first reading at California Psychics?

The greatest thing about reading with California Psychics is that you won’t leave feeling like you wasted your money. At the start of the session, the psychic will welcome you and ask if there is anything they can help you with. Begin with the problems that bother you the most and be as open and honest as possible with the psychic.

When you doubt what to say or ask, a good place to start is with the fundamentals. After hearing your background and concerns, the psychic will tune into your energy field/aura, use the appropriate techniques, and answer your questions.

After your chat session with the psychic, the website will offer you a complimentary transcript of your conversation. However, if your psychic consultation takes place over the phone, you should write down important points to help you recall what was said.

Can you trust California Psychics?

Most individuals are reluctant to place their faith in internet psychics and, as a result, avoid most websites that provide online psychic readings. Nevertheless, California Psychics have broken that trend, and their extensive professional experience is evidence of their consistent ability to provide accurate readings. In addition, they have a stringent screening procedure for all their psychics, which guarantees that all the psychic readings provided by the psychics who work for California Psychics are genuine and accurate.

Over two decades of service to the market, the psychic network known as California Psychics has built an excellent name for itself. Because of this, millions of individuals from all over the globe often consult them for online psychic readings. You may also put your faith in California Psychics since they have a strict policy regarding customer privacy. Every one of their psychic readers is obligated to always protect the privacy and confidentiality of their customers’ information.

What’s the Verdict?

If you are seeking direction in your life, you will find that California Psychics is the prime spot for you to visit. Although some people have sometimes stated that their readings are too vague, the reason for this might be due to a variety of different things, such as how the person was feeling and how they were behaving when they were getting the reading.

If you approach the reading with an open mind, you are far more likely to come up with illuminating and instructive outcomes. Especially when one considers the initial deals provided for new clients, the investment in California Psychics is more than justified. Their experienced psychics provide a discrete, pleasant, and competent service offered at affordable pricing.