Big Brother: A Guide

Having returned to our screens for its 20th series, first airing on the 8th of October for a 36-episode run, Big Brother is well and truly back to its best. After last-week’s double eviction, the competition is hotting up as we enter the final week and a half of the show.

What happened last week? 

In Tuesday’s episode of Big Brother, there was yet another double eviction, with one being sent back into the house. Jordan, Jenkin, and Tom were told to leave the house with immediate effect but were in fact, transferred to a secret room in which they could watch the others in the main house.

The public then voted Jenkin and Tom to be booted from the show whilst fan-favourite Jordan was told to re-enter the house. Jordan is now looking to be in a strong position to win the competition at 8/11.

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Who are the remaining contestants?

  1. Henry Southan – a food-writer from the Cotswolds, Henry has been a fan of Big Brother for years.
  2. Jordan Sangha – from Scunthorpe, Jordan is a lawyer who is known for his preference of floral shirts.
  3. Matty Simpson – from the Isle of Man, Matty is a doctor whose dream housemate would be Freddie Mercury.
  4. Noky Simbani – from Derby, Noky is a banker who was crowned Miss Universe Great Britain last year, who also has a cake-making business.
  5. Olivia Young – from Glasgow, Olivia is a dancer and model who has always been a fan of Big Brother.
  6. Yinrun Huang – from Harrogate, Yinrun is a customer support agent whose dream housemate would be Michael McIntyre.

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What are the current odds?

To win outright

Jordan is currently favourite to win at 8/11, followed by Olivia at 7/2, with Henry third in the market at 9/2.

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